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2 in 1 V shaped cleaner Brush

2 in 1 V shaped cleaner Brush

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Stop using the Regular Broom or Brush to clean your bathroom!

Housepers™ V - Shape Compressed Brush 
Let you scrub edges and dead corners much easier than an ordinary broom.


  • Regular Broom is difficult to scrub edges and brush the dead corner.
  • You have to kneel down, brush and scrub edges to remove stains.

Kneel Down to clean bathroom may lead to these problems

  • Knee Down and Scrub floor will cause back pain.
  • High Places are hard to reach and clean properly, and take a chair to clean high places will be in danger
  • It is tiring while using a hand to scrub and brush.

How It Works?

Housepers™ 120° Rotating Brush Head

Fit multiple angles & effectively clean up dead corners

Housepers™ 2-IN-1  Brush Wiper Design

It able to go into small space like behind of toilet bowl to scrub edge, dead corner to remove stains and wipe water easily

Product Details:

Housepers™ Compressed Brush + Soft Rubber Scraper

PP THICK BRISTLES: Intensive brush head decontamination is convenient and powerful cleaning.

100% Safe to brush and clean the toilet, it won't spoil floor.


  • Brush High Places that hard to reach.
  • All the dead corner of floor seam.
  • Able to Detach the Brush to wash the sink and bathtub.
  • Brush the dead spot like behind toilet bowl.
  • Brush the carpet make carpet super clean!

Why You Need This

  • No Need knee down brush the dead spot anymore!
  • V-shaped brush head 100% fits all the corner spot, and  let the black dirty come out super easy and make bathroom much more clean!
  • Use our brush to scrub the carpet, let the carpet clean like the new one!
  • Avoid Back Pain! It can become worse or perhaps even indicate a serious underlying spinal problem, if did not take it seriously.
  • Save Energy on Cleaning your Bathroom, You can stand and brush directly and Bathroom will sparkling clean!


  • Material: Stainless Steel + PP Thick Bristles + ABS
  • Product Size: 106cm x 23cm 
  • Gram Weight: 270g
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